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More info on FUDCon 2009
A few more details on FUDCon EMEA 2009, as it becomes available:

  1. Be there or be square

  2. Speak, or forever hold your peace

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What sense does it make to call these European events "EMEA events"? There are points in Africa which are at over 9000 km from Berlin! That's even farther than the distance from the US East Coast, so this is not any more an African event than it is a US East Coast event. The reason FUDCon is happening at different locations each year is that not all of us can travel all across Europe to attend, thinking people will join (in higher numbers than Europeans at US events or the other way round) from Tunisia at about 1800 km of distance or even South Africa at over 9000 km is illuding yourself. The Middle East and Africa need their own events, also keeping in mind that Africa is even larger than North America and thus an event in South Africa won't be useful for people in Morocco and the other way round.

Well, that's not entirely true.

For example, we (Fedora-FR) are inviting some tunisian ambassadors to Solutions Linux (Paris) in March.

But yes, that's more working around the issue than fixing it. They need their own events.

Very valuable and constructive comment:

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