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eLiberatica, Romania, day #0
Yesterday was pretty exciting, traveling to Bucharest (OTP). I had a 45 minute transfer in Munich, but the first flight was delayed for about 20 minutes, so I was going to have to hurry to make the connection. After having run through the Munich airport from one gate to another though, it turned out it was the same plane and the same flight attendents as the first flight, so I could have just stay seated and not go anywhere ;-)

At my final destination the eLiberatica organisation had luckily arranged for someone to pick us up at the airport and drop us off at the hotel, because I've never been to Romania before and rumour had it traffic is crazy out here.

I've met a couple of people yesterday amongst which Michael "Monty" Widenius, founder of MySQL, his counterpart David Axmark, Lucian Savluc, organisation chair and last but most certainly not least;

** Nicu Buculei ** Finally! ;-)

We went out for dinner and drinks and ended up in a typically Romanian restaurant, where Adrian Joian showed up as well.

Note: This post is a little late, I know


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