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Got back from FUDCon
I've just come home from FUDCon in Boston last weekend. Well, actually I've been home for a day now, but I had to recover from 15 hours of flights and transfers, the warp thing wrt. timezone shifting and not having slept on the plane as much as I hoped to.

I had three main goals for this FUDCon:


The Fedora Project Infrastructure team uses Puppet heavily, and I'm glad to have spent some time with Mike and Ricky going over some of the things that Puppet can do, and some of the things that the Fedora Infrastructure team wants it to do. I'll be making a continuous effort to help the Fedora Infrastructure use Puppet and improve their setup.

Spins Process

The Spins Process had to be set up just right, and finalized during this FUDCon. Everyone was there; the Board, Release Engineering, QA, users having submitted spins and users still needing to submit spins, Infrastructure and the Spins SIG leader -which is me. I'm glad we exchanged some of our concerns, our vision of how it was supposed to work and overall I'm glad we finally set up the process in a way everyone agreed with, and that I'm sure will work.


I planned a BarCamp session on comps because I had a few major concerns, and we ended up in a room with 4 of us talking about the different ways that we use comps now, where it is used, and where it is not, and how to implement these different things if we were to use comps for the purpose it was designed to be used in the first place. We found an option (or actually Jeremy Katz did), although I'm not entirely sure it is what I had in mind to begin with ;-) I'm curious to see how this will progress into actually implementing something and how it'll work out.
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