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eLiberatica, day #1
We had to get up pretty early to arrive at the event on time, but hey... life is not a ponyfarm ;-)

We're at a University here in Bucharest of which I've honestly tried to pronounce the name correctly (but failed). Bucharest first of all, from what I've seen so far at least, is a beautiful city and the people are amazing. They do have a lot of traffic though so every once in a while Bucharest comes to a full stop and is congested entirely -no kidding. Even the Romanian money is amazing as it is made out of some sort of plastic material (the notes, not the cards).

IT Trends, a Romanian magazine by Agora Media (organizer of eLiberatica) had requested all speakers on their expert opinion on a few matters, shipped it's latest issue in the event bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find large parts of the article to be a literal translation of the answers I had sent them! Although the magazine is in Romanian (I had Adrian translate it for me), I hope some day the magazine publishes this release on the Internet so that you can all see for yourself ;-)

Today was also my talk on "Fedora in the Enterprise", which of course does not mean you should run Fedora throughout the Enterprise but is a story on the strength of Free Software and Fedora's model within Free Software. I'll upload the slide-deck to my account tomorrow maybe. The room was filled to the brim and I guess everyone was pretty much interested in hearing what I had to say although at the end I did not get many questions at all. I knew we were barely on schedule but I would have guessed I'd be overloaded with questions. Later on though, a few people came up to me asking questions anyway ;-)

There's been a bunch of pictures taken both from the booth as well as my talk and dinner last night but I (regrettably) have no camera and did not take these pictures myself, and I cannot find them on Flickr yet :/

All and all, there's lots of interesting people out here and I'm once more extending my network and getting these people to appreciate the Fedora vision on things ;-) Tonight we've all been invited by eLiberatica to join them in a dinner-and-drinks speakers-party kinda thing so I'm curious how that'll work out!

Note: This post is a little more on time ;-)

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thanks jeroen for your support - i wish i could be there at eLiberatica

It was nice meeting you at Eliberatica on Friday ;-)


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