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Dear lazyweb
Dear lazyweb,

I configure a Fedora machine so that;

1) PackageKit is the WYSIWYG GUI click-and-go (this is my girlfriends laptop after all)
2) *something* downloads any updates and any dependencies of those updates so that updating through yum or PackageKit on a slow internet connection does not take ages, and
3) make optimal use of the new presto/deltarpm feature?

I was thinking yum, yum-presto, yum-plugin-fastestmirror, yum-updatesd, and PackageKit, and so I configured that.

The annoying thing is however that while any of these (but PackageKit itself) are active, PackageKit will pop up an error dialog saying it's unable to achieve a lock because of the other application running. IIRC, it used to be a notification thing that automatically disappeared if you could stand ignoring it long enough. Not entirely user-friendly either, but the current error dialog is right up in my face and requires user interaction... for what reason?

My question to you, dear lazyweb, how do I make these error dialogs go away (and not pop up anymore)?

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Just setup PackageKit to autoinstall all updates, and install yum-presto. No need for yum-updatesd at all, PackageKit can use the presto plugin.

Re: Just use PackageKit

Don't want to have auto-install, but do want to have download prior to executing yum / PackageKit so that it goes smoothly (this is a slow internet connection...) Possible?

Re: Just use PackageKit

BTW, reasoning is that sometimes updates break something, so the more conscience this lady friend is about updating, the better... thanks to yum's downgrade feature she now knows how to revert the update should anything be troublesome. It's just so that the updating itself does not take ages on a slow network connection


You don't need yum-updatesd at all, having it installed may collide with your intended manual updates. I usually leave it down or uninstall it on slow connections (dial-up and such), after all, I want to update whenever I feel like I have the resources to do so :)

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