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My schedule for June
I'll be here and there in June, travelling from one place to the other doing awesome stuff (or so I hope) and then come back to the Netherlands and do some more awesome stuff (or so I hope).

I'll be travelling to Sydney, Australia this evening, where I'll arrive June 3rd, early in the morning, to visit my girlfriend who has been doing an internship in Forensics for the past four months. I'll only be able to stay like 10 days but it'll be 10 good days regardless. She'll be there for another two-three months I think, depending on how her research goes.

I hope to do some site-seeing in Sydney and the surrounding areas and the national parks and have some piece and quiet on my mind for a while; I'll not be online as much as people are used to as you can imagine.

Then, June 14th, I'm back at AMS airport ready to do some laundry and other general stuff including $dayjob work before I head off to Byte-Code's 2009 meetup in Bormio, Italy, an event I anticipate will be completely awesome and not just because the food in Italy is great. The people are great, I understand just a very tiny little Italian which makes it the more interesting, the agenda is interesting and I was told I get to pitch this idea that's been going through my mind for a while which is very blunt and very young and possibly never gonna happen. Great!

From Bormio, I leave for FUDCon in Berlin, which starts June 26th, but I'll be arriving June 22nd just to make sure I can take a peak at Berlin Open and LinuxTag, and help with any preparations that FUDCon might still have, and stuff like that.

After FUDCon, which ends June 28th, and so I'll be back home June 29th, June is almost over and I get to make the final preparations for these workshops I've been telling you about.