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Testing a GTK client for LiveJournal
Just trying a GTK client for LiveJournal...

Dear lazyweb
Dear lazyweb,

I configure a Fedora machine so that;

1) PackageKit is the WYSIWYG GUI click-and-go (this is my girlfriends laptop after all)
2) *something* downloads any updates and any dependencies of those updates so that updating through yum or PackageKit on a slow internet connection does not take ages, and
3) make optimal use of the new presto/deltarpm feature?

I was thinking yum, yum-presto, yum-plugin-fastestmirror, yum-updatesd, and PackageKit, and so I configured that.

The annoying thing is however that while any of these (but PackageKit itself) are active, PackageKit will pop up an error dialog saying it's unable to achieve a lock because of the other application running. IIRC, it used to be a notification thing that automatically disappeared if you could stand ignoring it long enough. Not entirely user-friendly either, but the current error dialog is right up in my face and requires user interaction... for what reason?

My question to you, dear lazyweb, how do I make these error dialogs go away (and not pop up anymore)?

ufraw plugin for the GIMP
It seems that to convert Nikon Raw TIFF camera images (.nef anyone?) to anything other then that is to be done by a utility called ufraw, with help of another utility called dcraw. Luckily, both of these tools are already available in Fedora --as I expected.

Now, I do not know what these tools do or how they do what they do even though Lydia has tried to explain it to me. I think I have some sort of basic understanding but nothing more.

Lydia would like to be using the GIMP to convert her Forensic Science foo into very much different blabla once or twice or trice, all dependent on the ufraw plugin for the GIMP.

There we go, that's doable. I'll be working on that for her... During my vacation here ;-))